Talk Thursday: Sheldon MacLeod

Sheldon MacLeod dropped by the studio to talk about volunteer fire fighting, radio-making and justice issues.

Talk Thursday: Sheldon MacLeod

On Thursday’s I plan to share long form conversations with someone who is doing something interesting, or who has done something interesting. This week, Sheldon MacLeod caught my interest.

Sheldon MacLeod has had a multi-decade career working in radio, most recently as the host of The Sheldon MacLeod show which aired its last broadcast in late November. In our conversation, recorded this morning, we talked about what it’s like to create a program from scratch, the kind of audience he reached, and how issues of racial justice and accessibility became a focal point of his show. Sheldon is also a volunteer fire fighter, which is where our conversation begins. Listen here.

Nova Scotia Public Record

Dec 9, 2020 | Auditor General's Report - Terry Spicer and Byron Rafuse @ Public Accounts Committee

Terry Spicer is the Acting Auditor General for Nova Scotia. Byron Rafuse is the Deputy Minister. Spicer and Rafuse met with the Public Accounts Committee to discuss the Auditor General’s Report for 2020. Listen Here.